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Women’s Adventure Films

With Can I Surf That, we didn’t set out to make a women’s adventure film. An idea that Claire Chappell and Brittany Parker had manifested the spark; Heather Jackson had the skills as a videographer to start the fire and they set out to make a stand up paddle board movie.

Brittany and Claire

I was excited to be invited along with this amazing group of women to help with this SUP movie. Years earlier I had worked for ACE Adventure as a video boater, filming the raft trips with a small hand held camera, stored in a dry box in my kayak. Working in Fayetteville, West Virginia had given me a little bit of an exposure to filming but it was nothing compared to this.

There has always been an under representation of women in adventure/outdoor films. So getting the opportunity to be involved in a women’s stand up paddle board movie was so exciting.  I’ve remembered growing up and watching kayaking and snowboarding movies being in awe of any woman I saw in those films. It was a rarity. I always wondered where the badass girls were. They had to be out there.

There are many theories to why there aren’t many films out there with women. In a world where women still earn less than men and where in many families childcare falls mostly on women, the chances are slim that they will be able to get out and challenge themselves in the outdoors.

With making this stand up paddle board movie we wanted to add to the slim genre of women’s adventure films. We wanted to tap into and show the experience of four women traveling across the United States and Canada trying to surf any river waves we could find and paddle the biggest water we could charge. Heather’s incredible camera work produces exciting footage that has you on the edge of your seat and jumping up cheering when we catch the wave.

Heather with camera

We are hoping that with our stand up paddle board movie  “Can I Surf That” more women with have the confidence to pick up a camera and take that front and center role. “Be the change you want to see in the world “ – Gandhi. Stop waiting for the badass women to show up in the films you’re watching and go out and create the adventure you want to star in. Explore and tell you story in your own stoked, scared, excited, honest, powerful, vulnerable voices.


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